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DONATION ONLINE CONCERT Rotarians and Silente for Lapad School’s Snoezelen Room

The popular Dubrovnik band Silente will hold their first online concert on Tuesday, December 29 at 8 p.m. from the Marin Držić Theatre. It is a donation concert organized by the Rotary Club Dubrovnik and the Rotary Satellite Club Dubrovnik South, as a part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Proceeds from the concert will be donated for equipping the first ever Snoezelen room in Dubrovnik for children with disabilities in the Elementary School Lapad. Due to the epidemiological situation, the concert will be broadcast exclusively online.

Snoezelen room is a form of multisensory space that provides users with a safe environment and encourages them to interact with other in their surroundings. In Croatia, they can be found in homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centres and various institutions that provide education or social care services for people and children with disabilities.

Rotary Club Dubrovnik and Rotary Satellite Club Dubrovnik South gather people from professional and business life committed to humane goals, values, and ethical principles for the better future of numerous communities. This time, they paired up with Dubrovnik’s very own band Silente. The highly popular band appeared on the Croatian music scene in 2013 producing numerous hits since, with no intention of slowing down.

The tickets are available at the price of 100 kuna and you can buy them on the link. In addition to buying tickets for the online live concert, this noble cause can be joined by direct payment of donations to: Rotary Club Dubrovnik, OIB 67179744758, IBAN HR6224070001169001130, For Snoezelen room.