‘Think travel with Google’: World Far, Far Away From Classical Search for Destination

International conference ‘Think Travel with Google’, event for national tourism authorities and experts around the world, was held yesterday in Dubrovnik, in Revelin Fortress.

Interesting event brought to participants the ideas about bonding people who build better destination brands, and how to fulfill the needs of destinations and create the brands for countries.

The idea is to set the future of tourism ‘in the eyes of the traveler’, and this future of tourism needs to be positioned in the digital world. With the use of established agenda and marketing research tools, Google creates the world far away from the classical tourist search for destination. Now, everything is based on, so called, ‘micromoments’, and quick search for content.

For example, tourism offer in Croatia raised 70 percent just last year, and 40 percent of all searches about our country were made via smartphones.

Nikola Jellačić, Google manager for Croatia, stated during the conference that mobile platform becomes the most frequent search tool, explaining what ‘micromoments’ are:

‘Every second counts’, says Jellačić, ‘for example, if you see a television commercial for some destination, there is a big chance that you are immediately going to search in on your mobile phone, to google it’. That is why information must be adapted to this moments, and smartphones, or the ‘micromoment’ will be lost.

‘If the offer isn’t mobile ready, chances for visiting the destinations are automatically going down, and the booking won’t happen’, says Jellačić.

And now some statistic:

Croats travel to Germany a lot (15 percent), and Italy (11 percent).
The tourists who explore Croatia are into cities and sights (58 percent), plane tickets (7 percent), hotels (16 percent)…
Germans (17 percent), Italians (9 percent) and British (8 percent) are most into Croatia.