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Dubrovnik Among the Best Places in the World for Proposal

Abbie Kozolchyk, author of National Geographic’s new book, The World’s Most Romantic Destinations helped the worldwide known web page Bloomberg to narrow down a list of 50 stunning destinations that she curated for the tome to just nine perfect proposal spots.

They’re all but guaranteed to get you the big answer you’re looking for, and Dubrovnik is among them, writes Bloomberg.

‘Dubrovnik is insanely romantic, with or without HBO’s fictional overlay’, said Kozolchyk, but you don’t have to be a Game of Thrones super-fan to appreciate this jaw-dropping location. Still, you can take a cue from the cast by staying at their favorite seaside spot, Villa Orsula, a stone-faced manor whose concierge can point you toward the prettiest lookouts in town. (If it’s full, try the villa’s sister property, Hotel Excelsior, a sleek, mid-century-style boutique hotel that’s about to reopen after a long-awaited renovation), they say in the official post, where the whole list can be found.