Fly me To the Moon or Fly me To Dubrovnik from Zagreb

Have you ever wonder how to get from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and backwards? Ok sure you can use the airplane, car, bus or train. Or you can just travel with us because we bring you Travelperspective’s video that shows an incredible view of these two cities. You maybe already know that Dubrovnik is a heart of the Croatian tourism, and Zagreb is a core of the country. But if you travel with us you can feel and experience what are we talking about. Enjoy the flight!

Travelogue Croatia March Issue Introduction

Our first issue features Travelogue Croatia, a road trip from Zagreb to the wine country of Istria and down the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik. What started as a simple idea to capture the sights and sounds of a foreign land turned into a visual love letter. This isn't because of the scenery alone, but because of the people who were just as beautiful. Many thanks to those who opened their homes to us. We hope this video touches you and all who stumble upon it as well!Check out for the full issue on Croatia.

Gepostet von Travelspective am Montag, 7. März 2016