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Dubrovnik City Walls Turn Off Their Lights For a Brighter Future

Dubrovnik is not only a well-known tourist destination, but also a city that wholeheartedly supports important and well-known initiatives to improve and maintain quality of life on our Blue planet. That is why we joined the global ‘Earth Hour’ initiative again this year by shutting down the so-called ‘accent lighting’, surrendering our famous City walls to the darkness for an hour.

The initiative lasted from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and all cities in Croatia had the opportunity to participate in this largest global movement for the environment, which has been going on for 15 years. In these difficult times when solidarity is extremely important to us, the World Conservation Organization (WWF) called on all Croatian cities to respond to the action and send a message to build a world in which all people and nature can live together in harmony.

Just last year, cities from 192 countries around the world took part in the ‘Earth Hour’, and famous Croatian sights such as the Dubrovnik Walls, Pula Arena, Diocletian’s Palace, and Zagreb Cathedral joined in at the same time as the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum, Big Ben in London, and many other world landmarks.

‘Earth Hour’ is WWF’s global environmental initiative where people from 192 countries and territories come together in support of people and our planet. Individuals, companies, governments, and communities are invited each year to turn off their lights for one hour on March 26, and thus show their support for environmentally sustainable living. ‘Earth Hour’ began in Sidney, Australia, in 2007 to raise awareness about climate change, and has so far involved hundreds of millions of people from more than 190 countries across all continents and gone down in history as the largest global volunteer action ever organized.