Dubrovnik Deservedly Among the 50 Most Beautiful Movie Locations in the World

As of late, people were obsessed with popular movies and series, and understandably so, having not being able to travel. But all the fantastic scenes in our favourite movies had to have been filmed somewhere, and with that in mind, global travel site Big 7 Travel has put together the official list of the ‘50 most beautiful movie locations in the world’ with Dubrovnik snatching the sweet 29th place.

They pointed out Dubrovnik best being known as ‘King’s Landing’ from the hit series ‘Game of Thrones’, but it was also a popular filming location for many famous blockbusters such as ‘Robin Hood’, transforming into medieval Nottingham starring Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton. The list of megahits filmed in Dubrovnik goes on, from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’, ‘Borgia’, ‘Succession’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Casanova’ and many more.

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