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Dubrovnik From A to Z: Everything You Need to Know in One Place

When traveling, visitors usually want to know everything about the destination they are going to visit next. We know the feeling – buying maps, city guides, looking for some information via Internet…

But, there’s always something missing… A soul of the city, that feeling. Well, you know what are we talking about. That’s why we decided to write Dubrovnik – from A to Z, with just a few tips, trick and ideas… Enjoy!

A – Adio! Most common word in Dubrovnik. Meaning simply ‘Bye!’, adio is much more than a standard greeting. It has its own soul in our language. AMUSEMENT. First word that comes to our minds when thinking ‘Dubrovnik’. Explore. Enjoy. A CAPELLA singing – one of the most beautiful parts of our tradition. ARBORETUM in Trsteno – oldest one in this part of the world.

B – BARS. Intimate path to meet our way of live. Often they have live music, craft beer and stunning county wines. Give it a try! BEACHES. Small, but amazing. Try to find a hidden gems!

C – CABLE CAR. Bird view of Dubrovnik. CAVTAT. Small town app. 25 minutes away from Dubrovnik. CHURCHES. Even if you’re not into religion, visit our churches – they are masterpieces of architecture!

D – DUBROVNIK SUMMER FESTIVAL. Inimitable cultural manifestation in the world and one of the oldest in Croatia. DUBROVNIK itself.

E – ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Almost everybody speaks English here (among other languages) in Dubrovnik, so don’t worry about communication. ELAFITI. A group of islands in Dubrovnik area that are absolute must see.

F – FINE DINNING, FOOD. Explore some gastronomy pages before entering the world of Dubrovnik gastronomy. FILMS. Dubrovnik was scenery for more than 100 films throughout history.

G – Combined with the previous one – GASTRONOMY. Try our delicious traditional meals. GAME OF THRONES. Almost everybody in Dubrovnik was included in filming, at least as extras.

H – HARBOUR. We have two harbors – Old Port of Dubrovnik and Gruž port. First one dates from Republic of Dubrovnik and is an unique port in the world. Second one is modern, beautiful entrance to Dubrovnik. HISTORY of Dubrovnik – no need for explanation.

I – IMAGINATION. Use your imagination when wandering through Dubrovnik!

J – JUST DUBROVNIK. All the information you need for a great holiday in Dubrovnik. In one place.

K – KONAVLE. A small region and municipality southeast from Dubrovnik. Wine makers, donkeys, family farms, nice people, olive oil… Need to say more? KAYAKING. Do the kayaking and explore Dubrovnik area from a different view.

L – LOKRUM. An island nearby Dubrovnik, and a must see. Botanical garden, deep shade, a lots of beautiful peafowls… LAZARETI. Once quarantine for Republic, now amazing cultural, art and entertainment place.

M – MARKET, green market, fish market. Best way to meet locals and our culture, and get some tips for free along with our healthy and natural products.

N – NEARBY PLACES. From already mentioned Cavtat, to Trsteno, Primorje, Gornja Sela… Then the islands, parks, villages… Grab that map, buy a bus ticket and wander around our county.

O – ORLANDO COLUMN. Hang out with cool knight that protects Dubrovnik for centuries. ONOFRIO fountain, masterpiece of water supply from Republic of Dubrovnik.

P – PORPORELA. Place for romance, for love, for hangouts, for relaxation, for enjoyment. PELJEŠAC. Our beloved peninsula and wine heaven.

Q – QUESTION everything. And locals will answer. We are genuinely in the mood for help about information.

R – RECTOR’S PALACE. An outstanding monument. Meet our political past!

S – STRADUN. Unique street in the world. STREETS of Dubrovnik in general. Sea, sun. Sunsets! SPONZA. Remarkable piece of architecture, once DOGANA / DIVONA and now Archive, Sponza used to be business meeting place of Republic.

T – TOURS, tours everywhere. Custom made, classic ones, film themed, history themed…

U – UNIQUENESS of Dubrovnik itself.

V – VACATION. You are on vacation, just relax and enjoy!

W – WALLS of Dubrovnik, impressive from Republic of Dubrovnik. WAR, sad but important part of our history. – Imperial

The last one we laughed about a lot, but here it is:

Z – ‘ZSA ZSA ZSU’ feeling one gets when meeting someone they really, really like, says Urban Dictionary (do you know from which TV series it is?)… You’re going to feel like that when ‘meeting’ Dubrovnik.