Dubrovnik is one of the world’s best cities for flirting

The Viennese ‘Weekend Magazine’ collected tips on hot and best flirt locations from 15 cities. Among Athens, Barcelona, London, Mallorca and Monaco, Dubrovnik also had something to boast with. A journalist, Franz Sauer, currently residing there, mentions the Beach Sveti Jakov that offers a fully gratifying experience after having to conquer 164 stairs. ‘Then it is coffee time and time to enjoy the beautiful old city and its Gradska Kavana. Dinner time should lure you into a small side, narrow street where Rosario is.’
Final, he recommends None Nina as a perfect flirt location in evening hours, under the dome and close to Rector’s palace. Even if flirting fails you can still enjoy the best long iceland ice tea between Rovinj and Montenegro.