Dubrovnik IT Innovator Invites Bill Gates For Coffee

Following the news that Microsoft founder and billionaire, Bill Gates had arrive in Dubrovnik on his summer holidays, local IT whizz kid Marjan Zitnik decided to invite him for coffee. Tweeting Gates with the simple message ‘Welcome to my hometown Dubrovnik, are you up for coffee?:-)’ Zitnik is certainly hoping to share his ideas with the father of Microsoft. Zitnik is part of a young team of developers who created Spotie, a website that allows you to find all the events in your location. More recently Zitnik has developped the ListenApp application which summarizes the most popular news stories into a one minute audio and visual experience. We’ll keep you posted at www.justdubrovnik.com if Gates takes Marjan up on his offer!

Source: dulist.hr