Dubrovnik ListenApp Reaches Final Of London Seedcamp

Dubrovnik programmers Marjan Žitnik and Lukša Jakobušić created ListenApp as a way for people to get a brief round up of all the day’s big news stories in audio on their phone. Their app has been well received so far in Croatia and abroad and now at London’s Seedcamp Week.

ListenApp has beaten off competition from around the world to reach the final stage of Seedcampmeaning that they will be able to present and connect with other start-ups and potential investors.

”For us this Seedcamp means a lot, firstly because we are pioneers of start-up in Dubrovnik and have managed to make it this far where out of 20 teams, 3 are from Croatia which is big achievement given that 14 of them are from London.” Marojan Žitnik told press.

We wish the guys the best of luck  for the rest of their stay in London! Find out more about ListenApp here.