Dubrovnik one of the coolest places in the world!

A lot of different things are to be seen when you are travelling, but only few of them can be stored forever in your ‘box of memories’. One of those things that impresses, is definitely the view. And Dubrovnik gives you the best view you can possibly imagine– cable car drive from the Old Town to Srd, until the hill. That is why Dubrovnik has been listed as one of world´s cities with the coolest tram ride. By tram, they mean cable-suspended cabins that soar through the air (as opposed to the colloquial European term for light-rail and streetcars). Call it a cable car, call it a gondola, call it a ropeway, aerial tramway, or teleférico the impression doesn’t change.
Read what was written about it.
‘If a sunset over the Adriatic sounds mesmerizing, imagine how it might take your breath away 1,329 feet up the Srđ Hill, with the outline of Dubrovnik’s orange-roofed walled Old Town twinkling below. Torn down by bombs during the Balkan conflicts in the early 1990s, the original 1969 cable car was reopened in 2010 (you can visit the Homeland War Museum next to the upper platform). Its four-minute track remains one of the best ways to take in the Dalmatian coast whatever the time of day: ancient towns, rugged, vertiginous coast, snaking roads, greenery-topped rocky islands looking like jade jewels in a sapphire-blue sea. Buy a one-way ticket up, and it’s an equally scenic 30-minute walk back down.’

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