Dubrovnik Should Be High on Your Bucket List for 2019 and Here’s Why

To wander through Dubrovnik is to experience Croatia’s cultural history. See it in the UNESCO-listed Old City sector, where centuries-old baroque churches, Gothic palaces, and medieval walls stand. Hear it in the notes of traditional a capella klapa singing during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which marks 70 years in 2019. And feel it in the paintings by Croatian artists who grapple with the region’s recent past and present at the Museum of Modern Art and the seasonal gallery, War Photo Limited‘ – these words are the description for Dubrovnik as ‘Culture Capital’ for 2019.

This nickname is given to our ‘Peal of the Adriatic’ by AFAR’s readers, creating the third annual Travelers’ Choice destinations awards. People all around the world cast more than 100,000 votes to recognize their top places to go in 2019. Here’s the list!