The French Have Decided: Croatia is One of the Most Desirable Destinations

According to the French lifestyle magazine Grazia, Croatia is one of the nine best destinations for this year’s summer vacation where the French will be able to travel if they have been vaccinated, have gotten over the corona virus or if they present a negative COVID-19 test, said Danijela Mihalić Đurica, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in France.

Femme Actuelle, one of the most widely read French women’s lifestyle magazines, points out Croatia as one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays, while the magazine Le Figaro writes about the beauties of the Croatian coast emphasizing on our beautiful beaches, among which is the wonderful Banje beach in Dubrovnik.

In recent weeks, numerous French media have been intensively publishing information on the security situation in Croatia and the Safe Stay in Croatia campaign, as well as on the priority vaccination of tourist workers. Among them are the French magazine Geo, the magazine Le Figaro and the most important tourist portals in France TourMaG and Voyages & groupe.