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Dubrovnik Storm Chasers – an exhibition you must see!

Hunting storms is not an easy job, but when shown on picture it looks amazingly enjoyable. That is why the group of photographers from Dubrovnik has been hunting storms for years – they enjoy their job whose purpose is to show Dubrovnik in all weather conditions.
Their results will be presented at an exhibition named ‘Storm chasers’, that was opened this week. You will have the chance to see numerous photographs of the city of Dubrovnik in the midst of the storm and clouds.

But who are the Storm chasers? Chasers, or hunters, are a group of Dubrovnik authors dealing with weather focussed-photography. Although each of them has his own unique approach to motifs, they are all connected and driven by storms and Dubrovnik´s landscape. The landscape which they will show from a completely different perspective, in a different, unusual light and the dramatic atmosphere of the weather.

The aim of the exhibition is to present their Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik that cannot be found on postcards. From October 30, the exhibition will move from University Campus to the Multimedia Center Visia.

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