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Enjoy the Spring Delicacies of Easter Brunch!

Along the entire Croatian Adriatic coast one of the most popular daily meals has certainly always been marenda. This is a late morning meal that is consumed around 11 am, or perhaps later, and the international version of this local expression is ‘brunch’. Increasingly, and especially for the feast of Easter, brunch or marenda is replacing the traditional lunch, so the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has organised gastronomic days called ˝Easter Brunch˝ for all foreign tourists, visitors to Dubrovnik, as well as local residents, which will be held from the 15th to 17th of April.

Restaurants participating in the program and offering brunch include Domino, Gusta me, Kopun, Lajk, Mimoza, Orsan, Porat, Tavulin, Taj mahal (in the Old City), and Taj mahal (Hotel Lero), and their menus will include the traditional Dubrovnik Easter Cake pinca, traditionally hand painted eggs, ham baked in bread, green onions, fresh fruit, and a variety of other holiday dishes.

Enjoy the spring delicacies of Easter Brunch!