EXCELLENT NEWS Cavtat Ranked Third in the 2021 Best European Destination Contest

As the Konavle Tourist Board proudly announced this Wednesday, Cavtat was declared the third best European destination in 2021 among 20 enviable nominees, chosen by the Best European Destinations organization (EBD).

Apart from the flattering title, EBD grants the right to use the ‘European Safest Destinations 2021’ logo to all destinations with an extremely low incidence of Covid-19 and given the good epidemiological situation since the beginning of the pandemic, Cavtat received this valuable label as well.

The European Best Destinations portal is a European organization based in Brussels, and the main activities of the organization are promoting the European culture and tourism. Addressing the audience through online channels, the portal plays an important role in promoting Europe as the number one destination in the world, while offering tourist information for more than 355 European destinations in the process.

The destinations that were chosen alongside Cavtat this year are Vienna, Rome, Kefalonia, Paris, Lofoten, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Capri, Cornwall, Dordogne river valley, Tahiti, Soča river valley, Tubingen, Cappadocia, Ghent, Kotor, Sibiu, Braga and Florence.