FA Linđo: Dynamic Folklore Program at Dubrovnik Summer Festival

An essential participant in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival since 1967, the FA Linđo Folk Ensemble is once again presenting a rich folklore program to the festival audience, showcasing and celebrating the richness of Croatian intangible heritage. The first performance of FA Linđo this summer will take place tonight on the terrace of the Revelin Fortress.

Artistic Director Andrija Ivančan highlights that the audience can expect a complete folkloric experience this year, with seamless transitions between each segment, creating a dynamic and captivating program lasting approximately an hour and 15 minutes. The program is based on the classic repertoire but includes new choreographic and musical elements.

After tonight’s performance, the festival audience will have the opportunity to witness the Folk Ensemble Linđo’s performances on August 5th, 14th, and 19th.