Fascinating Play of Nature on Our City’s Doorstep

Earlier this morning, the people of Dubrovnik had the opportunity to witness the appearance of numerous whirlwinds or wind vortices forming on the sea near the City. And although this atmospheric phenomenon is not uncommon during the strong jugo wind, which is responsible for this rainy and melancholic weather we have been experiencing these last few days, it is always fascinating to see all these magic cards nature has up its sleeve. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy seeing such a spectacular play of nature, especially through the window of your warm and cosy home.

A whirlwind is an atmospheric vortex of smaller scale and short duration that appears under a stormy cumulonimbus in an extremely unstable atmosphere. It can occur above the water surface and above land. Many believe that the water whirlwind is actually a smaller tornado over the water and when such a whirlwind passes from the water surface over land should be considered a land tornado. You can often see multiple sea whirlwinds at the same time as we can see in the photos and videos sent to us by our dear readers.