Five Star Public Toilet to Be Built Inside the City Walls

Although Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination with all year round arrivals and overnight stays, there’s on thing missing – public toilets, especially in the area inside the city walls, but also in other parts of the city such as Gruž or Lapad.

This issue was discussed at the City Council one year ago when Mayor Mato Franković pointed out that the City of Dubrovnik is searching for the adequate location for the public toilet. It is finally found inside the former Express restaurant.

‘The State is giving us the space of the former Express restaurant. In the future we plan the long term rental of this space to the City Waste Disposal company ‘Čistoća’, and the plan is to make a five-star public sanitary facility inside the city walls area. The plan is to make this public toilet available to the disabled and equipped with the necessary props for mothers with small children’, Mayor Franković stated for DuList in February.