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General Hospital Dubrovnik

General Hospital Dubrovnik is located in the heart of Dubrovnik city at about ten minutes by car from Port of Dubrovnik and thirty minutes from Dubrovnik International Airport. Hospital has 323 beds with more than 700 employees dedicated to provide excellent medical care to local community and tourists.

General Hospital Dubrovnik is located in modern building developed until now to 30700 sq. meters in function and rest to planned 50000 sq. meters still under construction. Licensed physicians, modern medical technology and excellent nursing staff provide service to all of our patients with the fine level of medical care. With constant training and growing experience, we can assure that all of your needs and expectations will be met. Hospital is licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Health Dubrovnik General Hospital provides 24hr emergency room facilities with physicians specialsed in advanced and critical care. The well trained and experienced staff are experts in emergency care. Our Medevac service is among the most advanced throughout region in the field of medical evacuation and repatriation. Team of doctors and nurses is available 24 hours a day. It is hospital based operation which assists in safely managing the movement of critical patients.

In General Hospital Dubrovnik can be organized basic or advanced medical check- ups or special health packages at your request for tourists, cruise ship passengers or crew. We can provide service at high professional level at affordable price. Diagnostic facilities include wide spectrum of diagnostic procedures from standard radiology up to 64 layer MSCT . Specialists and sub specialists are capable to offer professional advice to you in numerous fields of medicine adjusted to age and gender.

Surgical procedures can be performed here at General Hospital Dubrovnik upon your request in our new state of art OP theaters.

General Hospital Dubrovnik has emerged to become leading health provider in South Adriatic region and be free to contact us anytime.

Dr. Roka Mišetića 2
20 000 Dubrovnik
Phone: +385 20 431 777
Fax: +385 20 426 149

Dr. Roka Mišetića 2,
20 000 Dubrovnik,