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Video & Photo Gallery: Dubrovnik’s Du Motion Days

Kristijan Stošić from Serbia and Amela Trožić from Bosnia and Herzegovina are the winners of this year’s edition of the Dubrovnik Half Marathon, which brought thousands of runners from almost 40 countries in the world.

Runners Ivan Bulić and Lukrecija Krstičević are winners of the 5K race of citizens,held this Sunday as part of the Du Motion Runners’ Days event in Dubrovnik.

Du Motion has a charity component, since every collected Kuna goes for the rehabilitation of one young boy from Dubrovnik…

Charity race Dubrovnik Half Marathon was held today on Stradun, the most spectacular runners’ track in the world. Runners from all around the globe gathered together for Ante Kolunđija, young boy from Dubrovnik who survived the heavy traffic accident but not without consequences… With a help from his friends, Ante himself participated in the 5K race of Du Motion today.

Bravo, Ante!

See how it looks when Stradun becomes running track – impressive, isn’t it?