Good to Know For the Next Summer: Says Kalamota is the Trendy Island

‘Covered with pine trees and carob, surrounded by crystal clear waters, Koločep is the smallest and quietest of the three Elaphiti islands’.

There are two picturesque villages on the island, located in the small bays, with only 163 inhabitants and no cars’, writes the about Koločep, or as locals call it, Kalamota island.


Kalamota is one of the Elafiti islands, with more than 250 sunny days a year, a typical Mediterranean island! And the clear waters surrounding the island range from deep blue to turquoise aqua, which is more than breathtaking…


Explore the island!  The coastline has with a number of hidden coves: the Blue Cave can be accessed swimming from one such cove on the south side of the island. An area off shore where lobsters abound is another one of may Kalamota’s lovely features.


‘Dive into somewhat idyllic way of life that this island offers. Spend time strolling through the olive groves and watching pre-Romanesque churches’, Booking. com says, and our little islad is in the top company – Pantelleria (Sicily), the island Meganisi (Greece), the island of Saint John (Caribbean).


Text (in Croatian) about all the popular destinations can be found here.