Goran Bregovic will play in Dubrovnik after 25 years!

On the list of performers that will perform in Culture Club Revelin until the end of the winter, there are some of the biggest Croatian and regional stars including Goran Bregovic, Doris, Halid Beslic, Jelena Rozga and Plavi orkestar. According to the latest information, the first performer will be Goran Bregovic who will be performing in Dubrovnik after 25 years. His concert, which is almost sold out, will be held today. Bregovic will be accompanied by Alen Islamovic (former singer of their bend Bijelo Dugme) and the Orchestra for weddings and funerals. They will all celebrate 40th anniversary of the release of the first Bijelo dugme single. On this occasion many journalists from the entire Europe had already arrived to Dubrovnik. Concert will be held as a part of the celebration of the Day of Dubrovnik and Festivity of St Blaise.

31st January – Goran Bregovic and Bijelo dugme
3rd February – Doris
14th February – Valentine’s Day – Crvena jabuka
27th and 28th February – Jusker electronic music festival
7th March- Ivan Zak
14th March – Opca opasnost
20th March – Halid Beslic
5th April – EASTER – Magazine
18th April – ‘Tambura all stars’: Mejasi, Bosutski Becari, Slavonia band
25th April- Jelena Rozga
30th April – Plavi Orkestar