GQ Guide to top 10 European destinations

The guide of the American magazine has listed Dubrovnik in the second place of the top 10 European cities to see.

In its August issue, the popular magazine features the guide to top 10 European destinations where Dubrovnik holds the second place between Porto in Portugal and Riga in Latvia.

The story focuses on the so called underestimated cities in Europe that have to offer much more than the major famous metropolises to the ones who want to escape the typical tourist centres. Guide’s authors have listed their recommendations and unique experience for each destination.

In his story about Dubrovnik, author Josh Benson stresses the unpretentious beauty of Dubrovnik reflected in its white stone, red roofs and deep blue sea. Furthermore, the author recommends accommodation in the luxury Grand Villa Argentina, lunch in Nautika Restaurant, and a glass of exquisite Croatian white wine in Stradun.

GQ magazine is extremely popular American magazine for men published since 1931, nowadays reaching nearly million copies a month. It is mostly intended for male population and focuses on fashion, trends, lifesytle, travelling, gastronomy and culture.