Grand Gourmet 2016: Gold Medal for Our Tourism and Catering Students

Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik won gold medal on this year’s International Grad Gourmet Festival.

The second Grand Gourmet International Festival is the individual international competition of waiters, bartenders, baristas and includes the competition of the restaurants and a  team competition ‘waiter – cook’. It takes place in Makarska’s hotel Meteor, organized by the City of Makarska, Tourist Board Makarska and hotel Meteor.


Individual competition opens the possibility to present the personality and quality of waiters, while the specialty team competition is imagined as joint work, with chefs who prepare dishes for four people and a waiters who serve those meals.

Each day of the festival, during the morning hours, is devoted to lectures, training courses and training, and in the afternoon sessions, competitions and exhibitions. A special time is reserved for high schools and their training and competition.


The main objective is the promotion, education and training of catering employees, to improve their knowledge and skills.

‘The international competition Grand Gourmet 2016 gold medal was awarded to several students from our school – Zrinka Bukvić, Andrea Kuzman, Antonio Pandak and Patrik Prigl and their mentor, professor Luka Šimunović who, with 50 other students, joined fieldwork during the festival.  The students were given this opportunity because they stand out in school presentations, such as the Dubrovnik Table’, professors from the Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik told us.

Congratulations to our diligent students!