Great Start of Good Food Workshops: How to Make Ligurian Focaccia?

Like all professional chefs or amateur cooks, we face the creative challenge and the question of what to cook today. Find the answer at one of the creative workshops that are part of this year’s good Food Festival programme.

This year’s workshops started with the lovely morning with connoisseur and lover of Italian cuisine, Karmela Vukov-Colić, television host, author of the blog ‘Ciao Karmela’, who presented how to make Ligurian focaccia and later she will present the famous Torta Caprese, a tasty gluten-free dessert.

During his workshop on cooking in harmony with nature, Chef Dino Galvagno will showcase the creative process of cooking in a deliberate, or better said, conscientious way, with the aim of harming the natural environment as little as possible and functioning with nature in a harmonious way. The topic of the workshop is preparing delicious and interesting dishes that support sustainable fishing and mariculture.

During the interactive workshops on traditional Croatian cuisine, led by the talented Dubrovnik chef Marina Žibert Ercegović, learn all about how to prepare traditional štrukle and strudel, how to prepare pumpkin dishes, and learn how to apply the sous vide cooking technique.

At the presentation on the tastes of Latin America, the audience will be become acquainted with the rich tastes of South American food and will learn about its preparation. One of the topics is history and culture through which the audience will find out how indigenous South American civilizations have influenced today’s cuisine.

Along with the presentation on warm marzipan, the dessert that was prepared in Dubrovnik Renaissance kitchens, as part of this year’s festival there will also be a workshop on food-styling and food photography in the style of famous food bloggers.