Great Tourist Numbers in the First Two Months of 2017

The first two months of 2017, according to data systems E-visitor in Dubrovnik have been extremely successful!

There were 26 938 arrivals realized, an increase of 12 percent, and there were more than 76,553 overnights stays or 19 percent more than in the first two months of 2016. Ranked #1 are guests from Croatia, neighbors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Korea, France, United Kingdom, United States, Hungary, Japan, Spain and China.

Most arrivals were recorded in the hotels (23,142 arrivals), which showed an increase in the number of arrivals of 7 percent, compared to January and February 2016, but with a better occupancy rate recorded in private accommodation facilities (2,447 visits), an increase of 55 percent in arrivals compared to the same period during the last year. Hotels recorded 55,916 overnight stays (5 percent more than in 2016), and in private accommodation there were 13024 overnight stays or 75 percent more than 2016.

According to the age groups, in January and February there were mostly guests aged 41-60 years (9 percent more than in 2016), then guests aged 31-40 years (3 percent more than in 2016), and guests of 21 to 30 years (with a large increase of 25 percent compared to the same period of 2016).

Only in February there were 15,186 arrivals recorded, and 41,423 nights, or 7 percent more than in the same month of 2016. Most guests were from the Croatia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Korea, France, Spain, Japan and China.

It is obvious that all year flights to Frankfurt and Istanbul and the continuation of the flight from London, and a rich program of Dubrovnik Winter Festival, as well as the shooting of the film ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ and auto-presentation of the new model Nissan Micra, contributed to the strong progress of winter tourism in Dubrovnik, and from the beginning of 2017, our city is closer in achieving the goal of year-round tourist business.