Hostel Rocker taught us what to do with a few days in Dubrovnik

Surrounded by high walls, Dubrovnik is a sea-battered yet beautiful city lying at the bottom of a rugged mountain. Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations and it’s certainly not difficult to see why’, wrote Hostel Rocket Blog in its article about Pearl of the Adriatic named ‘What to do with a few days in Dubrovnik’.
This quick touristic guide written in the language of ordinary men guided us through our city in an absolutely new and refreshing way. Listen what they said about us.
‘Dubrovnik is certainly worth a visit during any time of year, though during spring and summer is when life spills out into the streets and café tables remain busy and packed well into the night. Croatia’s cultural luminaries often visit the town during the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival between July and August. Their presence brings an added dash of glamour to the local streets, while the main event during winter is known as the Feast of St Blaise, which is held on February 3rd. This is when the patron saint of the city is honored by a special mass and a parade, along with drinking and eating’.
After an invitation to all tourists they also recommended where to go. City Walls were first on the list, followed by Stradun and Onofrio Fountain. They lured readers into visit the Franciscan Monastery, which is known for being one of the oldest running and functioning pharmacies in Europe. Was that all? No.

‘You can often find classic productions that are regularly staged in the Marin Drzic theatre alongside a wide variety of outstanding art galleries that display contemporary work. There is a certain pride in local traditions that is easily seen due to Dubrovnik’s regular local festivals and ceremonies.’ they said. And we agree. Besides for the great view from the City Walls, our city has many different things you must see. That is why everyone must visit Dubrovnik at least once in a lifetime.