Hydroplane soon in Dubrovnik?

Mayor of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Nicholas Dobroslavic has participated in a promotional flight with a hydroplane that will, in the coming future, connect Dubrovnik with the surrounding islands. This was a plane of the company European Coastal Airlines, which already has flights operating between Split and Hvar, Rab and Pula. Their new goal is to connect Dubrovnik with islands and, or, to establish a connection from Lastovo to Dubrovnik as well as between Dubrovnik and Korcula. However, the main problem is the location of the pontoon landing for this plane. Namely, although making a craft at Batahovina had been originally planned, this proposal was rejected. Batahovina proved to be problematic because of high and strong winds that were also the reason for closing the bridges.
If a right place for landing is found, an established flight from Dubrovnik to Korcula would last 20 minutes.