Irish journalist thrilled with Dubrovnik

A journalist of Irish Independent, Ailish O’Hora praised Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast after she had spent seven-days in our country. O’Hora wrote that signs of the past are at every turn.
‘As for the food, there is a large number of restaurants you can visit. The influence of neighbouring Italy is visible everywhere. You can find good pizza and pasta in Dubrovnik
and the seafood is particularly popular,’ wrote the journalist. She added that Croats are good in producing wine and that it is something they have been taught by the Greeks.
She praised the Dubrovnik’s Old Town, saying is bathed in the sun, with no traffic, decorated with stone and great baroque churches. Furthermore, the journalist mentioned Dubrovnik city walls, which are best to visit early in the morning or in the early evening when the sun is not so strong and after the cruisers have left. Surprisingly, O’Hora did not like the Croatian cuisine.
‘Croatia is not known for the good food’, was what described her impression. She discovered that all the ingredients are fresh, tried the salads, as well as different types of meat and fish, but mentioned that after seven days this becomes rather monotonous.