Israel’s Great Interest in Dubrovnik: The Jerusalem Post Did an Interview About the City

The director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, gave an interview about Dubrovnik on Wednesday to The Jerusalem Post. With about 11 million visitors a month, The Jerusalem Post is one of Israel’s most famous portals and will broadcast the interview on its tourist podcast. Among many topics they touched on Dubrovnik’s rich cultural and historic heritage, especially mentioning the local Jewish community with one of the oldest active synagogues in Europe.

Since March, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has been participating in the IMTM virtual platform of the Israeli Tourism Fair, the leading Israeli fair dedicated to tourism. From June 15 to June 16 Dubrovnik will also be presented at the independent stand of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board in Tel Aviv.

Regular flights of the Israeli airline EL AL have been announced from Tel Aviv to Dubrovnik, every Tuesday from May 13 to October 26, as well as from Arkia Airlines from April 23, every Monday and Friday. Croatia Airlines charter flights are announced every Wednesday as well, from June 2 to October 6. Since Israel is one of the world’s record holders in vaccination, the Tourist Board expects that the announced flights will indeed come to pass.