Lokrum Reserve searches for the author of the message in the bottle!

One upon a time there was a today forgotten custom. When someone wanted to write a message, he or she would write it, put it in the bottle and into the sea. Today one may think such custom does not exist any more, but this morning a bottle has appeared in our City, writes Lokrum Reserve.

In the early morning hours, on his way to Lokrum, captain Jere Skorin found a message in the bottle.

– It was really demanding to pull it out of the sea and to find out what it said but it was worth it. The bottle contained a beautiful love poem that made the day for the captain and all who read it.

We are asking the poet who recognizes himself or herself in the poem to contact us so that we can present him or her a trip to Lokrum.

When we find out who the author is and get the permission, we will publish it on our site so that the readers can enjoy it as well, says Lokrum Reserve.