Italians impressed by Dubrovnik: King’s Landing is breathtaking

”I experienced a deja vu after I climbed up the walls from where I could witness a familiar breathtaking view and recognize King’s landing; then I walked into the Minceta tower, where Daenerys looked for her dragons …I simply couldn’t hold back the expression of genuine surprise and admiration while I was standing on all those locations I have memorised by heart just by looking at them on television“ writes Andrea Bedeschi, editor in chief of an Italian movie web portal –, in his travel stories from Dubrovnik.

The article ‘BadTV travel traces Lannister family’ was created after a four-day visit to Dubrovnik and all the locations used in filming Game of Thrones that Bedeschi experienced last summer, in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and Croatian National Tourist Office in Milan.

”It was an outstanding experience which I really enjoyed. We visited Arboretum Trsteno,  the beautiful gardens of King’s landing… It was so real. If I had closed my eyes I could have heard Lady Olenne and Sansa Stark talking.” said Bedeschi who will join an ‘army of followers’  of Game of thrones in another episode in about ten days.

The premiere of the fourth season of the HBO show is scheduled for 6th of April in USA, and the day after (7th of April) in Europe. Dubrovnik will be honoured with a special presentation of the first episode scheduled for the 5th April.