Josipa Lisac – a star beneath the stars

Concert that was part of program Stars beneath the stars organized by Adriatic Luxury Hotels for the eighth year in a row thrilled her fans in Dubrovnik the most because they eagerly awaited her in concert for the last four years. On Sunday, at the Palm Garden of Hotel Excelsior Josipa filled and upped all expectations, extra tickets were wanted. The concert ended in late evening hours, delighted guests sang and danced with the true Croatian music diva. The Palm Garden turned to be a perfect summer setting to enjoy Josipa’s primal music expression. Her extreme talent and fabulous voice that went through the best schools proved most fascinating in songs like ‘O jednoj mladosti’, ‘Kapetane moj’, ‘Dok razmišljam o nama’, ‘Gdje Dunav ljubi nebo’ along many others.

Beside great music, guests enjoyed numerous delicacies particularly prepared for the occasion. Directed by Petar Obad, executive chef in Hotel Excelsior, the menu contained various cheeses, sea fruit and sweets bearing the special names that evening – all were named after her hit songs.

On August 10, Adriatic Luxury Hotels present Massimo in Stars beneath the stars and the gorgeous setting of Vala Club in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. Massimo’s concert is completely sold out.