Just Dubrovnik Asks: What do YOU Think About Dubrovnik? ‘I was in awe since the moment I came here’

More and more visitors are coming to Dubrovnik every year. Some of them like Game of Thrones vibe here, some are history and art lovers, and some simply want to enjoy sun and the sea.

That’s why we decided to wander around the Old Town this week and make a small poll to see what do you, dear guests, think about our town. Well, after the poll, we can simply say one big thank you to you all :)

Let’s see the impressions!

Lena Norberg , Sweden (23)
The city is beautiful. I just came here and i’m amazed how beautiful it looks. Before this we were on Hvar and Korčula, so we decided Dubrovnik to be our final destination. To be honest I’ve heard about it through Game of Thrones. I’ve said to myself ‘I just have to see this in person’. As we already planned a trip to Croatia we couldn’t avoid coming to Dubrovnik. So far I’ve only seen the walls, which are spectacular, but now I’m going to the Game of Thrones tour and I’m excited about it. It’s a bit crowded but nothing too much for a tourist place, I’ve seen worse.

Lloyd Mills,Australia (52)
I’m here for a couple of days, but this is my first day I’ve decided to visit the Old Town. I’m so impressed by it! This isn’t something you see everyday, a fortyfied medieval city. So far I’ve seen the walls, which have the most beautiful view I’ve seen in my life, and the Rector’s Palace. So far there is nothing to dislike sure it is a bit crowded but that’s normal. I came to the city by a small ship. To see the city emerge on the horizon while sailing towards it… That is truly priceless!

Lambeth Clarke, England (62)
I came here with my husband and we came by the cruise ship for only one day. We have only seen the walls and took a walk through the main streets. I was in awe since the moment I came to the Pile. There is a lot of people and, since I don’t like crowds, it’s a bit of a drag. But other than that it’s beautiful. From what we’ve seen it’s not ‘that’ expensive and the locals we’ve met are really kind and they speak rather fluent English, which is a plus in my book. I’d like to come back here someday to spend more time in the Old Town, because one day, in my opinion, is far too short to truly experience it.

Sam Bellum, New Zeland (26)
It’s been really fun to visit Dubrovnik. It is really hot past couple of day but we took care of that by going to the beach, which is amazing, by the way. Today we took the walk on the walls and the views are astounding. Witch impressed me the most is the clarity and the temperature of the sea. I’ve come from a rather young country and to learn about the long history of a city is amazing. The only thing i didn’t like is the Dubrovnik Card. We’ve bought it for one day to visit the maritime museum and nobody told us that that it is closed so that was a waste of both money and time. Besides that – what is there not to like?

Davey Anderson, New Zeland (23)
I’ve been in Dubrovnik for four days. What I liked the most is the people, who are incredibly nice, and the rich history and culture. Personally I’ve tried the cliff jumping and it was amazing. The sea has the perfect temperature and it is amazingly clean. I couldn’t find anything to dislike, sure it’s hot and sometimes crowded, but that’s everywhere in the summer. When it’s too hot I just go to the sea and swim and have fun. And when it’s bereable I walk around the Old Town and look for something new and amazing every day.