Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition III/2019: Dubrovnik in Your Hands

Dear readers and fans of Just Dubrovnik, a new, third edition of the long-awaited popular magazine and city guide Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition is in front of you. Again this year, we bring you a handful of topics, locations, great restaurants, hidden places, a newly popular past, moments of love… We’ve brought it all together again to a fantastic eighty and more pages to enjoy all year long, recalling the summer.


This year, we decided on a slightly different look, so our Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition now has centerfold and you, dear readers, have a poster from the heart of Dubrovnik as a gift! Don’t miss the story about Dubrovnik’s first Hamlet – Frano Mašković, a bit of past-future travel with the restoration of the fort on Prevlaka, some advice on Dubrovnik fashion, amazing 95 years of our water polo club VK Jug CO, popular spots and much more topics!



Since this is a III/2019 edition, you might want to take a look @ Just Dubrovnik vol 2 and vol 1. Find them here and here.

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