Legendary Writer and Designer Andres Alsina Considers Dubrovnik a Real Gem

Legendary journalist, former model, famous interior design wizard and above all a gentleman, Andres Alsina Aristegui, is enjoying a precious seaside vacation in Dubrovnik. The renowned writer, who published 5 books in his 30-year career, won several awards and eventually found his passion in interior design, briefly exchanged his Parisian home for the delight of enjoying in our beautiful town, sharing numerous photos with his 40 thousand Instagram followers.

His latest book ‘6, Street New elegance’ inspires style and excellence and has sparked numerous words of praise from many famous women such as Cate Blanchett, Carolina Herrera, Ingrid Betancourt, Inès de La Fressang who, among many others, relish in paraphrasing every of the books marvelous six chapters.

“Luxury is what makes us human, gives us pleasure and pride,” Mr. Alsina points out.

He has spent the last five years of his life living and working in Paris, where he spent his studying years often traveling to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Amongst many awards trough his respectable career, he was most lately rewarded with the Universal Excellence Rene Cassin Prix 2020, for contribution to excellence and style.

Photo: Instagram/andresalsinaofficial