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LOKRUM4YOU: A Tourist Tour Adapted For People With Disabilities

This Friday, May 5, 2023, @9 am on the island of Lokrum, a tourist tour adapted for people with disabilities will be organized, through which the attractions and landmarks of the island of Lokrum will be presented to them. Some will see them, and some will feel them!

There will be people in wheelchairs with their assistants in the group, blind individuals for whom relief depictions of landmarks have been made that they will be able to touch, as well as tactile postcards, and sign language interpreters have been engaged for deaf individuals.

This tour is organized as part of the ‘Lokrum4you’ project, for which funds in the amount of 100,000.00 Kunas have been secured from the Ministry of Culture.

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, starting at 9:30, a conference will be held in the congress hall of the Lokrum Reserve, where we will discuss the accessibility of space, content, and services in the tourism offer for people with disabilities, as well as acceptable methods of communication.

This project is carried out by the UP2DATE Center in partnership with the Poseban prijatelj Association from Dubrovnik and the Lokrum Reserve Public Institution, with financial support from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the project is valued at 181,000.00 kuna.

When you add it all up, TOURISM + UNIVERSAL DESIGN, you get the equation of equality whose ultimate results are a quality tourism offer and satisfied guests from all over the world who will share their positive experiences with others, pay for top-notch service, and happily return to a place where tourism has a positive sign, emphasized the organizers.