Lucijana and Nataša Margaretić Charm the Public With Their ‘Sinjorine’

The time we have on our hands during this pandemic turned into a period of inspiration for many people nowadays. That is exactly what happened to our fellow citizen Lucijana Margaretić. Her ‘Sinjorine’ illustrations, which she frequently posts on Instagram, started to intrigue the public very quickly. You are wondering who these ‘Sinjorine’ are? We were equally as interested, so we decided to satisfy our curiosity and visit this 25-year old artist and her mother Mrs. Nataša Margaretić in their home and find out all the answers. They shared their secrets with us over a cup of coffee on their beautiful terrace.

It was her mother, imaginative soul herself, who was her biggest supporter in the effort of making ‘Sinjorine’ come to life and has recently join her daughter in the creative process. Nataša decided to paint ‘Sinjorine’ on – mugs!  Lucijana started creating the original ‘Sinjorine’ character during the Covid-19 lockdown and was determined to somehow implement the City in the whole story. And she succeeded! It is that very combination that people found most appealing.

Sinjorine kikara

She received her Masters degree in the Study of Restoration and Conservation in Dubrovnik, and her favourite subject was painting, which she occasionally practiced throughout her life. Now, she decided to focus solely on painting. Her mother Nataša says she couldn’t be happier for her daughter finding her own artistic path and she started creating mugs with ‘Sinjorine’ and the City as well.

“She was creating ‘Sinjorine’ for a while, and when I saw the right one, I knew this was it. I tried to motivate her during the entire process. I’m overjoyed she found her true self and that she’s happy and satisfied,” says Nataša.

Throughout the years of painting, what Lucijana really wanted to achieve was to create a female character the resembles herself. She wanted to show how every woman is special in her own unique way and is in no way ideal. Bare breasts, long necks, bold eyebrows, and a lot of colour are all parts of a surreal image of her ideal woman.

Sinjorine art

The young artist points out she was told her artwork resembles Picasso’s. Every ‘Sinjorine’ character has a distinctive face expression, ‘very unbothered,’ she adds.  She shows us an example of her ideal woman, lying on the beach, holding a cigarette, enjoying some coffee to go.

In addition to mugs, they also want to produce t-shirts and handbags with their own illustrations in the near future, with Lucijana adding she would one day love to have her very own exhibition.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Lucijana, Nataša and ‘Sinjorine’.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža