Luxury Travel Blog Recommends Grebeni Island

Travel site ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ has compiled a list of the top 10 private islands for private jet travellers. The piece states, ”Whilst the super wealthy have always dabbled in private island ownership, most travellers are more than happy to simply spend their holidays visiting and enjoying a luxurious private paradise.”

The top three islands on the list are: Little White Cay, The Bahamas, Necker Island, British Virgin Islands and Song Saa Island, Cambodia. Dubrovnik’s own Grebeni Island and its famous lighthouse which houses luxury accommodation for the discerning traveller make the list at number. 4. According to the site, this is why:

”Only four kilometres from Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour, the still-in-use Lighthouse Grebini stands on a rugged rock outcropping, and doubles up as a residence offering 3 double bedrooms and a large living area. Whilst there are no beaches, it’s possible to swim from the Island’s quay during the summer months and the more adventurous can scramble its rocky landscape. Whilst offering a more unique experience than your typical island in the sun, Grebini offers a genuine sense of isolation only a few kilometres from the stunning coastline and historic city of Dubrovnik.

The sense of being steeped in history is palpable here – the lighthouse was built in 1872, and the wreckage of the Taranto, an Italian ship that hit a mine only 20 metres away, is still very much present and easy to explore for any curious divers. For an extra 100 Euros per day, you can also get a taste of culinary authenticity from a personal chef, and you will have a butler who can serve these local gastronomic delights as well as tending to your needs throughout the day.”

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