Malaysian runner visited Korcula on the 3.333 km long journey to peace!

Suwaibah Muhamed Nasir, a 40 year-old Malaysian runner, visited Korcula. Her 3.333 kilometers long journey to peace, started in Bejing and it is going to finish in Venice on 3rd of June. Nasir has ran through China, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.

Back in 2004, Suwaibah made ​ history as the first woman who ran across the Malaysian peninsula. She entered the Malaysian Book of Records. Suwaibah Mohammed Nasir was also the first Malaysian woman that ran the 1111 km across the Sahara.

A documentary film will be made about her marathon. This movie will expectedly contribute greatly to the promotion of Korcula.