Masks Against the Virus, Saint Blaise Against Sore Throat

Now this is how promotion is done – Saint Blaise protective masks for ABC – thank you Nike Kraljević Farčić on this seemingly impossible mission. Mato Franković, you take it from here – Dubrovnik citizen Krešimir Macan wrote on his Facebook page alongside a photograph showing ABC’s reporter Maggie Rulli and fellow cameraman wearing  protective masks bearing the sign of Saint Blaise.

For days now, the ABC crew has been making reports in Dubrovnik about Americans being more than welcome in Croatia, and for that reason a desire was born to give them something original that will remind them of Dubrovnik.

“We wanted to gift the team with an authentic Dubrovnik product, so we gave them Orlando chocolates intertwined with the story of Dubrovnik measuring everything in elbows and not meters which they found remarkably interesting. Along with the chocolates, they symbolically got those three masks as well. I explained to them that masks keep them from coronavirus, and Saint Blaise keeps them from sore throats so they can successfully continue to talk about Dubrovnik ,” Nikolina Farčić pointed out for DuList. She emphasized that the idea of ​​such masks had been hidden inside of her for a long time, but these ones however were made especially for this occasion.

“There are many interesting masks going around, and everyone tries to give them a unique personal twist. Dubrovnik certainly doesn’t lack in the creativity department. This isn’t my ‘core business’ but I was inspired so I decided to make an effort,” adds Farčić.

Sveti Vlaho maska