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May They Have Eternal Glory: Our City Celebrates the Day of Dubrovnik Defenders

December 6 is not only a day when Dubrovnik celebrates Saint Nicolas, the patron saint of sailors and the protector of children to whom every year, according to folk custom, he brings gifts tidily placed in their boots during the night. Today, our City celebrates the 30th anniversary of the most severe attack on the City and the Day of Dubrovnik Defenders, people whom we proudly praise, celebrate and thank for every free day we have the opportunity to live and walk the streets of our beloved City.

That December 6, 1991. was a completely different “black Friday”. The day when the enemy forces realized their strongest attack on the Old Town and which was the last attempt of the enemy army to take over the City – a goal that, thanks to our brave defenders, could never be achieved. Appreciating the importance of the fortress on Srđ, which has become a symbol of heroism and victory, since mid-1992, the Command of the 163rd Brigade of the Croatian Army operates in its premises, and since 2008 it houses the Homeland War Museum Dubrovnik. In memory of the heroic defense in 1991, the City of Dubrovnik declared December 6 the Day of Dubrovnik Defenders.

December 6 marked a turning point in the war in the Dubrovnik area and today represents a day of pride and unity, the same one felt amongst us in the now distant 1991. The togetherness and courage shown by our defenders defeated every evil, and to this day remains in the memory and pride of new generations.