Modern children’s playground in Lapad

The newly refurbished children’s playground opened on Monday by ceremonious cutting of the red tape and releasing of balloons in the air. The thrilled children enjoyed the new equipment set as part of Konzum’s action Let’s bring the children back to playgrounds. The playground in Dubrovnik is the 28th in a row that has been reconstructed as part of the said action and the first this year.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr Andro Vlahušić, gave his thanks for the donation and emphasised that adding this one to the playground established by Grand Hotel Park along with other facilities in Uvala created one of the most beautiful venues for the children. He announced the forthcoming opening of the playground in Montovjerna that will have the skating park, bocce court and many other facilities.

Let’s bring the children back to playgrounds and give them happy childhood is the message sent from Lapad, having in mind that we should take care of all playgrounds in the City so that children can have nice and tidy places to meet new friends to play with.