Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik Receives Remarkable Private Donation of Vlaho Bukovac Portraits: A Tribute to the Bibica Family

The central hall of the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was overflowing tonight with all the residents of Dubrovnik who came to attend the presentation of the book “THE BIBICAS A Chronicle of the City and the Bibica Family of Physicians ” and to express gratitude to the donor, Associate Professor Ana Bakija-Konsuo, Ph.D. She generously donated three previously unknown portraits of the Bibica family members, painted by the renowned artist Vlaho Bukovac, to the museum’s collection.

The donated artworks depict the portraits of Frano Bibica from 1891 (oil/canvas, 60 x 47 cm), Marko sr. Bibica from 1907 (oil/wood fiber board, 59.5 x 42.4 cm), and Lucija Bibica nee Drašković from 1881 (oil/canvas, 42.5 x 32 cm). These portraits are exhibited from Saturday on the first floor of the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik.

Ana Bakija Konsuo Bibica 2

“This incredibly valuable donation serves as a strong encouragement for further research on the life and work of the great Croatian modern painter, Vlaho Bukovac, as well as the Bibica family. On behalf of myself and all the staff of the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, I express our heartfelt gratitude for this exceptional and valuable donation,” emphasized Museum Director Tonko Smokvina.

It is worth noting that the book about the Bibica family physicians, published two years ago by Medicinska naklada in Croatian and English, was accompanied by a documentary film of the same title.

“This valuable book takes us back to another era of our city and its people, telling a story about life and its human consequences. We owe this to Associate Professor Ana Bakija-Konsuo, M.D., and Ivica Vučak, M.D., whom I warmly greet. The extensive research on the Bibica family physicians resulted not only in this valuable book but also in historical materials and portraits by Vlaho Bukovac, representing members of the Bibica family in the possession of the author, Mrs. Ana Bakija-Konsuo,” said Director Smokvina.

Associate Professor Bakija-Konsuo also donated archival materials such as diplomas, certificates, documents, and photographs to the State Archives in Dubrovnik.

“I would like to thank all of you for being here, as well as all the representatives of the authorities in our city and county. To create such an important and valuable work in our area, we started with archival records. Archives are not just repositories where materials remain untouched; they are truly important institutions, vibrant entities with exceptionally valuable collections. We are honored to be recognized as an institution that our scientists and researchers trust. I express my gratitude to the physicians and all of you who examine our archival materials,” highlighted Nikolina Pozniak, Director of the State Archives in Dubrovnik.

The activities of the Bibicas play a significant role in understanding the history of medicine and the development of the medical profession. Their portrayal of numerous social and sports activities is a valuable contribution to creating a picture of life and circumstances in Dubrovnik in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century. It is a testament to individuals who dedicated their profession and emotions to the city, thus actively participating in shaping its identity, enriching its everyday life, and leaving a mark in its rich history. The donated materials are preserved as a valuable resource for future research.

The producer and director of the film about the Bibica family is Zvonimir Bašica, and the film was made in cooperation with VSP Video and Polyclinic Cutis.