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New Children’s Book ‘My Dubrovnik Vacation Journal’ Launched

The children’s book “My Dubrovnik Vacation Journal” by Monika Grdiša Asić was launched at the Saloča od zrcala of the Dubrovnik Public Library. The event featured presentations by Julijana Antić Brautović, Head of the Department of Culture and Heritage of Dubrovnik, and proofreader Sandra Bačić Lončarica, and was moderated by Ivana Grkeš, President of the Dubrovnik branch of Matica Hrvatska.

My Dubrovnik Vacation Journal

Starting at Pile, attendees walked with the author to the library. The English-language book combines history and local perceptions of Dubrovnik, offering insights into the city’s geography, climate, flora, fauna, beaches, and nearby islands in an age-appropriate manner.

Antić Brautović emphasized the importance of authentic souvenirs, especially for children, noting that this book is a valuable addition to Dubrovnik’s cultural and tourist offerings.

Grkeš highlighted the book’s interactive nature, encouraging children to explore and discover Dubrovnik. Bačić Lončarica praised the book for its simplicity and visual appeal, making it perfect for curious children aged 7 to 12. Author Monika Grdiša Asić shared her motivation, expressing her hope that the book will inspire both visitors and local children to explore Dubrovnik.

My Dubrovnik Vacation Journal 2