New Europe Market in Dubrovnik

New Europe Market (NEM) will be held in Dubrovnik from May 8th to May 11th 2013.

This is the first time that an event like this is being organised in this region, and this is the right moment for professionals in television, production, IPTV, cable distribution and marketing agencies, as well as all prominent people from the world of media to come together at NEM.

New business opportunities

The countries in the region are carrying out the digitalisation of TV signals, new television stations are being set up, there is an increase in the number of localised channels being offered by cable and IPTV operators, there is a growing penetration of cable and IPTV to ever more users. Channels have recognised this and have initiated separate ad sales for each individual country in the region. In view of this, the opportunity of bringing together all the television, media, telecom and technology professionals, as well as marketing and PR experts is particularly important.

Participants at NEM will have the chance of taking part in numerous activities prepared by the organiser. These include a content market and thematic panels, and all the leading television stations, as well as operators from countries of the CEE region and other parts of the world have announced their participation.

The CEE region is currently the most attractive market for the telecommunications sector in general. The modernisation of the broadband infrastructure in the region has opened up new opportunities for development for large global companies that own television content, as well as for companies in the channel distribution business.

As a result of the extensive experience on the part of the organiser, Mediavision, information about NEM and invitations for the event have been sent out to more than 12,000 professionals all over the world.