Are you ready for the New Years Eve in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik’s numerous visitors will bring in New Year’s 2015 with performances by top Croatian stars like Toni Cetinski, Prljavo kazaliste, Zeljko Bebek, Silente, Klapa Cambi and others.
The rich music and entertainment program in Dubrovnik will already begin on December 29th, when the famous Croatian rock band Prljavo kazaliste and the local Dubrovnik rock band Valetudo will hold a concert on Stradun. On Tuesday, December 30th the rock atmosphere on Stradun will be set by a performance led by Zeljko Bebek and the group DARiva. On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, musicians from Dubrovnik will send off the old year with traditional Dubrovnik carols and an all-day music program that will be the best possible introduction to the wildest night ahead. A Children’s New Year’s Eve will be organized with Tony Cetinski so that even the youngest will enjoy the performance of this famous Croatian entertainer who is the main star of the evening welcoming 2015.
Along with Tony Cetinski, the young local band Silente, as well as Petar Dragojevic and band, will entertain Dubrovnik locals and guests during the main event on New Year’s Eve.
A special treat for visitors to the city will be the New Year’s Day Concert of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra which will be held on Stradun on the first day of the New Year and will include beautiful operatic pieces that will provide for a memorable Dubrovnik New Year’s holiday.
The New Year’s Eve program will conclude in the evening of New Year’s Day with a concert on Stradun featuring a capella groups that are always a crowd favorite, so we welcome you to enjoy the beginning of the New Year to the sounds of beautiful a cappella compositions performed by the groups Klapa St. Juraj and Klapa Cambi.
Famous Croatian singer Severina will perform on 2nd of January and Dino Merlin on 3rd January – both at the Culture Club Reveli. On the 3rd of January at the Freedom Cinema, klapa Kase and KUD St. Juraj from Osojnik will held their concert.
Finally, the association ‘Dubrovnik Primorje Traditional Weddings’ will perform on Stradun the first Sunday in January 2015. After a presentation of the group in front of the Church of St. Blaise beginning at 11 a.m., they will perform traditional wedding customs from villages in the surrounding rural area known as ‘Dubrovnik’s Upper Villages’.
New Years Eve

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