Opening ceremony of the 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Raising the Libertas festival flag, and with the lyrics of ‘Freedom Anthem’, tonight, on the 10th of July, at 9 pm, in front of the church of St. Blaise, the 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will officially be opened. The traditional festival will be held from the 10th of July to the 25th of August on nearly twenty locations, with more than 2,000 artists from all over the world. Dress rehearsal was traditionally held last night in front of St. Blaise.

Following last year’s great success, Kresimir Dolencic has once again taken on the role of the Director of the Opening Ceremony, alongside choreographer Larisa Lipovac and costume designer Doris Kristic. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Filip Pavisic, the Sudar Percussion ensemble performing under the leadership of Matej Mestrovic, who composed music especially for this occasion, followed by the Dubrovnik Brass Band, Pro Musica Academy Choir from Mostar, Libertas Choir, Folklore Ensemble Lindo, Stjepan Radic Folklore Association from Pridvorje, Triko Circus Theatre, the Dubrovnik Musketeers and the Festival Drama Ensemble will be joined by the Kolarin Theater Company, students from various local schools, the Luka Sorkocevic Art School ballet studio, members of various local dance studios, Dubrovnik’s junior water polo players and the children of Dubrovnik.

The end of the grand opening will be marked with spectacular fireworks, in 10:30 pm. The opening ceremony of the 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will directly be transmitted by Radio Dubrovnik and Croatian Radio, and broadcasted live on the first channel of Croatian National Television.