Owen Wilson Back For Another Wonderful Vacation in Dubrovnik

Dressed in a casual apparel with a broad straw hat, American actor, producer, and screenwriter Owen Wilson enjoyed an evening walk down Stradun accompanied by an entourage of friends. Dubrovnik must have left a great impression on the high-profile Hollywood star, this being the second consecutive year he decided to return to our lovely city.

The star of films such as ‘Zoolander’, ‘Marely & Me’, ‘The Internship’, and ‘Night at the Museum’ once again confirmed his image of a simple and humble soul, ready to pose with fans and employees of a local Dubrovnik restaurant he visited during the evening.

Owen Wilson

Just last year, while shooting the film ‘Bliss ‘on the Island of Lopud with Salma Hayek, he stopped by Dubrovnik during a break where he tried and bought local specialties and delighted everyone with his relaxed nature. This year, instead of filling a gap between sets, he decided to dedicate a part of his vacation especially to Dubrovnik and enjoy the beauties of our city in a relaxed and peaceful manner.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža